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This multi-award-winning PBS series reinvented the genre. There is no host; only chefs, farmers, and artisans from all over the globe telling their stories and giving us an intimate view of their culture as expressed through food.

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Winner: Emmy, Outstanding Single Camera Editing

Nominated: Emmy, Outstanding Culinary Program

James Beard,

Best International Culinary Program

Cine Golden Eagle

NY Broadcasters,

Best Editing



The Flavors of Flamenco

Journalist, Lisa Abend visits a family of Flamenco Gypsies, who simultaneously cook, dance and sing, and tell stories of history during a sunny afternoon in the town of Jerez.

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VIVA la mesa gitana!

Long live the gypsy table!"


The food we've adopted the least was from our last invaders, the British. There is no Bangers and Mash, no Yorkshire Pudding. In fact today the national dish of Great Britain is Chicken Tikka Masala!"

Shoba Narayan

South India

Author and cook, Shoba Narayan, introduces us to the South of India, the many cultures, the Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, and the ingredients and foods each has brought to the table.



Midnight Phở in Hanoi

There are lots of things around the periphery of the food, like the journey: street food docu-drama."

Australian ex-pat, Mark Lowerson decided he felt more at home in Hanoi than in Sydney. He writes a food blog called Sticky Rice, and tonight he's checking out a new after-hours phở joint... in the middle of Hanoi, in the middle of a monsoon.

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Caphé Culture

We took the French

coffee and Vietnamized it!"

Pham Ha

Coffee lover, Pham Ha takes us on a caffein-buzzed tour of the many coffee houses of Hanoi -- each known for its own distinct method of preparation.